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Counselling FAQs

Should I Start Taking Anti-Depressants for my Mental Health Issues?
This is a question I am sometimes asked. Taking psychiatric medication can prove helpful as a short-term measure although some people find the experience unpleasant. You may find it helpful to do some independent research and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your GP or other prescriber. You may find this summary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Prescribed Drug Dependence information a useful starting point.

How Long will I Need Counselling For?
A question I am often asked, and I find impossible to answer! Each person is unique, bringing their own individual character, personality, difficulties, emotions, background, experiences and lifestyle. Counselling is like unravelling a tightly knotted ball of string. Different parts of the string are worked on and often revisited. During this process, the string starts to unravel, straighten out, become useable again. In the same way as the knotted ball of string being picked at and unravelled, we work together to unpick what is going on for you in different areas of your life. This helps you process your experiences and resolve those difficult to resolve emotional and relational issues.

When Will I Know it's Time to Finish Counselling?
Sometimes someone will ask me if they are ready to leave counselling. This is a question any counsellor cannot answer themselves. Often this question is asked because the client feels ready to leave, but is a little nervous about 'going it alone'. Ending our time together is your decision which is why, as your counsellor, I will help you explore where you are now against where you were when we first met. In that exploration I will help you consider whether it is time to finish and if so, we will set a date for the final session. We will then have the opportunity to reflect on your counselling journey and process the ending of our time together.

Why Private Counselling?
If you choose private counselling rather than counselling through the NHS, you have choice ...

  • Together with your counsellor, you can choose to have as many or as few sessions as you need
  • You choose your counsellor
  • You choose the type of support you feel is right for you.

    Counselling or Therapy - which is it?
    Some people talk about seeing a counsellor, others talk about seeing a therapist. People talk about going to counselling, or they talk about their therapy. I view them as different terms for the same thing. I suggest you go for whatever term you feel most comfortable with - the process is all the same.

    What is Better - Online for Face-to-Face Counselling?
    Research indicates that online and face-to-face therapy are equally as effective. However, there are differences.

    With face-to-face counselling, there is the consistency of coming to the same place every time, work through your problems, then go about your day, leaving behind counselling until next time. With online counselling, it is more difficult to 'leave behind' the therapy when it takes place in your own home.

    Being together in person also engages all of the senses, allowing for full non-verbal communication between therapist and counsellor. With online counselling, the senses are limited to just sound and vision and it is more difficult to see each other's non-verbal communication. However, those senses can often become more acute, and so is less of a limiting factor than might initially seem.

    Most of the people I work with prefer face-to-face counselling, perhaps temporarily moving online for a session or two if it becomes necessary. However for some people, online counselling is ideal. For example, people with mobility issues (my room is up two flights of stairs), live outside of the local area, or whose work schedule means that it wouldn't be possible to get to a counselling appointment in time.

    I predominantly offer face-to-face counselling, but am more than happy to offer online therapy if a client requests it. If you would want counselling to be online, just let me know.

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